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How to Design a Website Layout That Converts in 12 Simple Steps?

As we are seeing these days that more and more businesses are setting their grounds online, there is an immediate increase in the number of websites as well. However, not all of these amazing websites are able to perform well and convert the potentials into customers and clients. Does that mean they don’t have good enough ideas for their business? 

Well, no. Sometimes, it is all about the design of the website. Your website layout has a very important role to play when it comes to conversions. Apart from the fact that you need a website that has lower loading times, it is also an additional help to know that having a creative website design that is both proper and functional will help you achieve all sorts of success online. 

When it comes to finalizing the web design layout and website development, you can’t just choose between a beautiful web design and a functional one. It has to be both. It is often seen that websites that have specific images and videos tend to achieve more conversions but at the same time having websites that don’t take much longer to load are pretty great as well. 

It takes the users about 30 seconds to form an impression about your website and decide whether they want to use it or not. So, in case you want to have a competitive edge, there are certain ideas you need to implement to your website layout design. 

12 Simple Steps Of Website Layout Design That You Need To Know About

While most people sign up for web design services so that they can reap the benefits of a strong and responsive design for their website, there are some who choose to have all the designing done on their own. So, if you are the latter kind and you need a particular website layout that would get you’re the conversions, worry not because we are here with the help that you need. 

12 simple steps how to design a website layout

1. Sometimes Going Simple Is Better  

While you do want to make sure that your website has a fantastic design that screams finesse and style, sometimes, it is okay to go simple. Hicks Law even states that when people are provided with more choices, then naturally, they take a lot of time to reach a decision or make a certain type of selection. 

Now, you might be wondering that if people spend a long time on your website, isn’t that good news? Well, it might be in some cases, but very often, people tend to get frustrated when there are so many choices and they don’t have enough time. So, you need to ensure that your layout is simple and intuitive. 

Why not just design the menu with some of the more common elements such as an About Us Page, Services Page, FAQ page, Blog Page, Contact Us page, etc? Another thing you don’t want to do is provide difficult content to your design. 

Having a cryptic site will not lead to many conversions. So, the best way is to keep things simple so that people find your site easy to understand and responsive. This is one of the ultimate keys for creative websites and you mustn’t forget it. 

2. Use The Negative Space

One of the main parts of creating a website layout that is simple and easy to decipher is to make some use of all the negative space In the site. Now, don’t get us wrong. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to leave gaps and some white spaces between certain photographs and images, however important that might be. 

Well, negative spaces can also be used in order to drive the clients and potential customers in the direction that you expect them to go to. You can use these negative spaces to position the CTAs. Call-to-Actions are perfect ways to make use of the blank space that remains on a website. Google Homepage proves to be a fantastic example of the perfect use of negative space. 

Visitors that go to the site know exactly what they have to do and there is no confusion whatsoever. So, this is one of the best ways to make things even simpler. You don’t have to fill out everything with more images and texts but definitely make sure that you are adding some essential elements to the negative spaces in the website. 

3. Give Some Importance To Colors

It is not a surprise that colors tend to play a very important role when it comes to web page design. About 85% of the shoppers have made this citation that colors are a major contribution to the buying decisions that they tend to make. So, it is really important for certain marketers to understand the importance of colors and the psychology that they represent when they are trying to design the perfect website. 

Having the proper colors and combinations, a website can be made approachable in the best way without much hassle. You need to research more and more about certain color schemes before adding them to the layout. It is advised to do some testing with the schemes to find out which ones were the most relatable to the audience. 

With the right colors, certain emotions can be evoked in the customers and that certainly proves to be a great help. Not to mention that this demographic can also enable the users and customers to view the website from a different point-of-view. Find one color scheme that goes best with the design and then you can focus on providing some complementary colors as well. 

4. Create The Persuasive Copy Properly

In case you are a web designer, we would advise that you leave the writing of the website content and copywriting to the copywriter. However, for a web designer, it is important to know the exact place where the text must be placed in order to get maximum conversions from the customers. So, the placement of the copy is a very important thing to focus on when you are trying to create a very responsive design for your website. 

One of the important things to keep in mind is to make sure that the website has a headline in the beginning. The placement of it should be right on the homepage. This helps in communicating the value and the propositions of the brand in the best way. With every single subsequent page, there should be a proper headline to let people know what they are going in for. 

After tackling the headline, the placement of the rest of the text is also pretty crucial. Even the alignment of the text seems to be really important. It has been seen that placing the text in the form of an ‘F’ design can help a lot with making the content seem valuable.

5. Have A Clear Idea About Outcome

One of the main tricks to have a website that converts highly is to make sure that you put your main focus on actions that you expect your customers to take. This is one of the best ways to ensure that the potential clients are always doing what is expected of them when they visit the website of yours. 

There are some really great layouts these days that actually provide a roadmap to the visitors so that they have an idea about the entire process and the outcome as well. So, this is something that you need to provide your website layout with as well. 

Point your call-to-actions towards a certain outcome that shall be displayed so that people are aware of what to expect. This way, you will be able to get your message across to so many different people in the easiest of ways. 

It doesn’t matter whether they have to make a call to contact you or fill up a form or just share some content pieces of your across social media, having an idea about the outcome and progressing that to the clients can really help. 

6. Take A Look At The Competition 

You should learn from the mistakes of others. Now, this is a saying that works really well when it comes to eCommerce website development. Instead of just racking up your brain trying to think of ideas to make your website layout perfect, you can just take some references from other websites as well. See what changes they are making to their layout. 

Keeping an eye on the competition can actually be of great help in this case. Not only will you get to see some of their ideas but you will also get to know what the mistakes are that one can make while doing the website design. Sometimes, borrowing a little bit of knowledge from others is not really a bad deal, right?

So, make sure that you are keeping track of the research and the tools that your competitors are using for their designs. In case you find something you like, you can actually incorporate a similar idea to yours and get some great results. 

7. It Is Important To Be Mobile-Friendly  

Gone are the days when people used computers and other bigger devices for accessing the web. There are several mobile devices now such as smartphones and tablets. These devices have completely taken over the online world and people want results related to that. So, it is important for your website to be completely responsive and mobile-friendly when it comes to website design. 

There is a very high chance that the potential visitors might just click off the site if it takes a lot of time to load on a mobile phone or it is not optimized enough. 

So, one of the major tricks to amazing WordPress web design is to ensure that these websites are completely responsive when it comes to mobile devices. Your website has to offer a seamless and fruitful browsing experience to the user for them to like the layout. One of the key tips is to ensure that there are no spaces for unnecessary swipes, clicks, and scrolls. 

8. Showcase The Services And Products 

Your visitors need to know what you are going to offer them on the website. You need to know how to sell the service or the product that you have. Hence, having some details about the kind of services that you are offering or products that they can get is certainly one of the best things ever. You need to design a layout that pays proper importance to that. This way, the website will appeal more to the clients and hence it will lead to higher rates of conversion as well. 

Aside from the design of the website, you need to ensure that the details that you choose comprise the entire layout and are purposeful enough. It should also be easy to understand so that people don’t have any difficulty in that manner. Showcasing the services and products can actually put the website in a very good light and ensures that the potential visitors are more and more interested in what you have to offer. 

9. Add Some Trust Emblems Strategically & Place Elements of Social Proof 

Trust is another common factor that you need to build up with your website design. After all, you would want your visitors to rely on your services and trust you, right? After all, they are going to be providing you with important information about them should they choose to accept your services. 

Hence, you need to add some elements that would help in bolstering the trust that people have in one another. We are talking about trust emblems such as logos of certain brands that you have worked with before, client testimonials. 

Also, adding some sort of social proof such as reviews from other sites can act as an amazing tool for boosting the faith and confidence the people have on your site. Having a web design portfolio can also help in this case as people are able to see what exactly your website can do for them in the best way. 

10. Use Some Directional Cues To Visually Interest Them 

Directional cues are extremely essential when you are designing a website layout that is meant to bring in conversions like never before. These cues act as certain guideposts telling people what they need to focus mostly on. 

In order to boost conversion in the best way, you can place certain visual aids such as arrows that point toward certain pages and services. Pointing the visitors towards important sections will pique their interest and hence will give you some great results. 

Here is an important thing that you need to know about when you are dealing with directional cues. These cues are both explicit and implicit as well. So, you need to know the difference that there is and when to use what. Be careful that you don’t want to seem to pressurize in your design. 

When it comes to directional cues, it is safe to say that having a calmer and more rational approach to it can help a lot. 

11. Design For Optimum Speed

Another one of the major tips for custom website design is that you need to put more focus on the optimal speed of the website. It is not really a surprise to use that the digital age is very close to us now and convenience is of utmost importance in this day and age. People are generally more impatient these days and hence having a bit of delay can cause them to move on to some other website. 

Every single second is really essential when it comes to the designing of a website and hence you need to make sure that your website has optimum speed so that people have a functional and seamless experience of browsing without any lags or difficulties. 

But how does one do that? Well, there are certain ways you can try to achieve that result. Minifying the images and files, minimizing certain HTTP requests, enabling caching of the browser, compression audits, and so many other tricks can be used to make that happen. 

12. Keep On Testing 

We cannot stress this point enough that it is really important to keep the research and testing going on. Even if it is an older website, there are new and more interesting things that you can learn. The more you keep on testing, the more you will be privy to the audience’s inputs and reactions. Not to mention that proper testing can bring out certain faults and problems in the website which aren’t really visible all the time. So, it is really important that you make sure to test your website layout more and more. It is never too late to make changes to the websites and hence proper testing is really important for success and more conversions. 


Designing a website layout that offers more clicks and conversions isn’t an easy task to accomplish but we hope with these tips, you will be able to achieve that goal in an effective manner.