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Cancellation & Refund

We have designed our refund policy as per circumstances under which CreativeWeb will deliver you a refund. An appeal needs to be made according to the first procedure if you want a refund. When you register for any of our services, it states your acceptance and approval for all our terms and conditions that are summarised in our refund strategy.

Scope and coverage

  • Our policy for refund is carried out by CreatickWeb.
  • The policy doesn’t possess any kind of claim for organizations that are not managed or preserved by CreatickWeb or for employees not administered or working for CreatickWeb. This includes any external product or service suppliers bound by the agreement and also, any type of external website to which CreatickWeb is attached to.

Filing a Complaint 

  • At CreatickWeb, a website designing & digital marketing agency in Kolkata, we consider every project or assignment assigned to us with utmost dedication. Moreover, to reach a specified target, not only us but our clients’ need to put in their hard work. Thus, we think every attempt should be made to hit the solution that is completely acceptable mutually considering any situation where discontent related queries come for any service. Only when the task allotted to us is completely unmanageable and out of hand, a refund is considered.
  • Our ultimate goal is to reach a mutually acceptable solution. Even after this owing to some reason, if our client is dissatisfied and wants a refund, we request you to write to us at info@creatickweb.com for an ultimate dialogue before requesting a refund.
  • Only after we are not able to reach a mutually acceptable ground with our client, should a refund be filed by you.

What is the eligibility to file a refund? 

At CreatickWeb, a web designing and digital marketing agency in Kolkata, every assignment is crucial for us and we ensure that we handle each project with complete care. Our goal is to provide you the outcome according to the proposal’s terms and conditions. Despite every measure, if our client is dissatisfied with the outcome and opts for dispute resolution procedure, we would consider the requests for a refund according to the listed program:

Delivery Time

  • Full refund: In situation, where the assignment has not started or in case the initial designing phase is not cleared. A full refund will be made, which will take around 180 days to reflect on your bank account.
  • Partial refund: In case there is any kind of failure in delivering our work as per our terms and conditions after the initial phase approval. A partial refund will be done in proportion to the task completed.
  • No refund: If the delivered services have not raised any questions from the clients’end immediately but on the later date if they declare their dissatisfaction with the same work delivered, then no refund will be made in this scenario.

Brochure design/logo design 

  • Full refund: In a situation when the assignment has not started or is rejected at the initial level.
  • Partial refund: When we fail to deliver our work according to our delivery policy on approval of our design style in the initial stage. A partial refund will be done in proportion to the task completed.
  • No refund: In case the project has been done and uploaded on the clients’ server, or if the claim made by the client comes out to be irrelevant.

Web programming

  • Full refund: In case the assignment has not started or rejected in the initial stage before the work is even started.
  • Partial refund: According to the judgment of service provider, in case we fail to deliver our work as stated in our delivery policy, a partial refund will be carried out.

Dedicated Hiring

  • Full refund: In case the assignment has not started by our designer/programmer/SEO expert/content writer or any of our resources.
  • Partial refund: As per the amount of work completed till the time our client decides on canceling the order.
  • No refund: In case our services have already been delivered and at the initial level and no dissatisfaction was announced by our client, however on a later day discontent is being delivered by them, no refund will be carried out. Also, no negotiations will be entertained by our client on a later date.

Delivery process applicability

  • An assignment is not considered to be void till the agreed-upon payment is cleared.
  • Refund policy isn’t applicable in a situation when the required data for completion of the assignment is not handed to us at a specified time. In case, there is any delay or in worse case failure in work completion owing to improper communication from the client’s end, it cannot be attributed to CreatickWeb.
  • In case the information or data given to us by our client is not complete, CreatickWeb is not liable to carry out any refund obligation.
  • There is no such compensation for any delay in work delivery as per any condition until there is an agreement to which both parties(we and client) have agreed to with a clause for a penalty in case of delivery delay.

Limitation of our liability

CreatickWeb is not bound for any losses owing to services delivered/undelivered or delayed at any point in time. We are liable for refund in case the project on clients’ end has been canceled initially or in the mid but not on completion of it. The communication for a refund should be made in writing.

Refund process

The full or partial refund will be processed within 180 days on making the cancellation. As the refund will be reversed, you will receive the same account from where you paid us.

Changes & amendment

CreatickWeb at any time, with no prior notice as per sole discretion, can change or amend this policy. Thus, you are requested to go through this policy regularly. Your continued venture with CreatickWeb even after any amendment in our policy, would mean your automatic acceptance of the same.

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