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About US

CreatickWeb is a leading name in the list of the top web design companies in Kolkata for a wide range of services starting from furnished logo designs to authentic web design. Our main goal as a team is to structure and design the best websites for developing businesses so that they can have their time in the limelight. Our process is diligent and result-driven, known to provide 100% satisfaction to the clients.

Originated in the year 2018 under the tutelage of our fierce Head and Leader Mr. Pintu Modak, CreactickWeb has managed to make quite a name for it over the years. This is all thanks to the incredible services that are offered here for SEO and apt web design.

Our personalized and modified web designs include fresh and unique designs along with some bright and SEO-friendly content that would help the business stand out from the competition. Stay ahead and on top of the business game with our services.

Our Mission

As a web design and development company, CreatickWeb has only ever had one goal and that is to provide the most advantageous design and development services to businesses.  Our procedures revolve around understanding the business needs of the clients and providing them with that and much more. With a full-fledged and experienced team, we aim to provide the most functional digital solutions for companies in dire need of help.

Our clients have control over their own projects and we turn their innovative ideas into reality here. Have a chat with us today and get to know all about our hassle-free and completely amazing services right now.