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8 Colors That Are Proven to Boost Sales. Most Eye-Catching Website Colors.

8 Colors That Are Proven to Boost Sales

Some of the best techniques for increasing sales include body language, the things we say, and the ways that we make the sale. However, one thing that most marketers and business owners fail to understand is the effect of color on the sales interactions that happen online. Color psychology can be considered a very complex but really fascinating tool for increasing sales.

The influence that the best web design color can have on the people perceiving the online business environment is very big and overpowering for sure. In fact, it can be statistically proved that about 85% of the shoppers attest to it that color is one of the main reasons that they buy any product online. Also, about 66% of the people won’t even make any purchase if they don’t find the product in their preferred color.

Whether you are trying to build a new website or you want to make a proper mobile app for the assistance of people, there is no doubt about the effect of color on your customers and the brand. That is probably one of the main reasons why the top brand owners tend to use designers to find the perfect color combination for their business. So, if you are looking forward to making a website of your own, choose the right color combination for sure.

Just making the switch from the wrong scheme of colors to the right one can actually have a very dramatic effect for sure. Not to mention that it will also change the quality of the sales in the best way. The color that is chosen for the representation of the brand will be both influential and relatable to the image of the brand. So, what website color should one be using in order to ensure that the sales are boosted in the best possible way?

Choose Some of the Best Colors for Boosting the Sales

It is often a very confusing choice when it comes to selecting the right colors for the website or an app. When you are truly the right color it will help in increasing the conversions for your website. Not to mention the choosing the wrong color might persuade them to choose some other company our website so how do we know that we are choosing the perfect colors for a web page design?

Well, we are going to help you out with this. When it comes to choosing the perfect color for your website design or app design there a plethora of options that you can choose from. Different colors have different emotions and effects on people and here we are going to mention some of the colors that have been known to boost sales for any website or company.

1. Red

Red is one of the very few colors that are used for the design of websites because of the effect that it has on people. According to the scientists who have been researching at the University of Durham, athletes who are wearing red have a better chance of defeating their opponents. This is because the color red is often associated with having a higher probability of meaning. The color red also has associations with urgency danger and power. Now that might sound like a combination that has the potential to turn the game around and make the choices of people change. Well, you guessed it right.

Red is a color that should be used sparingly but definitely should be used. Now when we are talking about the sales action for the color red it can be said that it is a trigger color. A really great example of the effect of the color red on people is when there are any ads about products on web pages the button for buying the product is often colored red. This is because red impresses people and shows the ability to take action.

Not to mention that all the sales signs have the color red in them and it is not just another convention. The color red acts as a trigger for people so that they can buy from the store yours. That is why sale signs tend to be brighter, urgent, and have red colors. If you are trying to design the perfect website with the help of a website design company make sure that you choose the color red for better results in sales increase. Using the color red in CTAs can be very effective.

2. Blue

Blue is another one of the most popular colors which are used for a proper design of a website. If you are a website design company, there is simply not a single doubt about the fact that blue is going to be one of the best colors that you use.

Most people prefer the color blue because it is universally likable. So it can be said that blue is a color that helps in boosting sales in an indirect but very effective manner. Blue is often associated with traits such as tranquility, calmness, and stability. That is one of the main reasons why it is considered to be a popular color for certain financial establishments that want to have a web design portfolio. Another one of the main reasons why Blue is such a popular color is that people often tend to relate blue with serenity as well as security.

These are some of the main reasons that people look for when they are shopping online. Hence most of the big-ticket products that need to have more popularity often tend to use the color blue. The reason this color helps in boosting sales in an indirect manner is that it deals with the anxiety of the people before it even rises.

While with the color red we try to trigger the arousal of the nervous system and we want people to take notice and buy the product right now. However with blue that is not the case. Instead of increasing the intent of exciting purchases the color helps in quelling anxiety of people and hence they tend to make better choices that increase the sales for a website.

3. Green

Green is also another one of the most popular colors used for responsive web design. The main associations of green tend to be where our environment. Green is a single word reference that is used to describe nature as well as all the organic and environmentally-friendly products that tend to increase the interests of people.

That could be considered as one of the main reasons why businesses tend to use the color green in order to make their products more appealing to the audience that has a similar interest. This technique tends to be effective even though there might not be any direct connection between the product as well as the color.

When we are talking about the use of the color green for the proper design of a website it can be said that green color suits best for buttons and call-to-actions. This color tends to be environmental as well as outdoor. Have you ever wondered why green is used at stop signs for the word ‘go’? It is because green helps people move forward.

When the purchase elements have the color green in them then people feel the need for urgency and hence the product gets sold more often. If you want to know where to use the color green it can be said that most whitespaces, as well as contrasting colors, seem to be the perfect location for using the color green. We would recommend that you look for a functional website development company so that they can help you with your designs.

4. Purple

One of the major associations of the color purple is wealth, royalty, as well as power. Did you know that there were actually laws that would prohibit the ordinary folks from wearing the color purple at one time because only royalty was meant to wear it?

So, it can be said quite surely that purple is one of the boldest colors there is and definitely worth a shot when you are instructing a website design company to design your website with the right colors. When people see the color Purple they are often subject to the authority and hence take the actions that you want them to take.

Apart from that, purple is also a color that is often associated with creativity and spirituality. If you are using the color at its best, then there is no doubt you are going to get the results that you were expecting. This would probably be one of the main reasons why most brands have this color in their website design.

It is definitely worth a shot to know which people tend to have a soft spot for the color purple. Now for those who want to have some conversions to their website, it is for sure that they need to give this color a try. Purple might be a bright color but it is quite complimentary as well. Not to mention that it will go perfectly well with amazing tinges of yellow and other lighter colors. Go ahead and try it out. We would suggest that you are using the color purple for the main website design. This way, you know that your results are going to be amazing.

5. Black

While most people might think that black doesn’t really have that big of a role to play when it comes to designing the perfect websites. But we are here to tell you that some of the best web design services tend to use the color black in their schemes. Now, why would someone want to do that in the first place?

What you might not realize at the moment is that black is a very powerful color and it helps in increasing the sales of a website for sure. Black can be considered as one of the strongest colors there is so why not use it to make a strong statement and lure the people into making better purchase decisions from your website.

We are pretty sure that this is going to work in the best way. This is why when you are trying to create a graphic design website, there is no doubt that using the color black will help in gathering more attention to the brand. It might be a bit tricky to use the color black when it comes to increasing the sales because it doesn’t really do much for the conversions.

However, if you want to put an outline on your website then this is the perfect color. Black should always be used in backgrounds of lighter color so that the designs can be highlighted. We assure you that this trick will help in boosting sales in the best way.

6. Orange

When it comes to bright colors that are also bold, orange is one of the names that come to mind. For most portfolio websites, orange is often used. But why is it such a popular color when it comes to boosting the sales of any brand? Well, it can be attributed to the traits that are associated with the color orange.

It doesn’t necessarily relate to the heart-palpitation urgency of the color red but then there are much more qualities in the color orange that makes it the perfect candidate for a website design color. So, we would recommend that you give this a try and then check out the results. Orange is a color that is both easy on the eyes as well as properly visible. Hence the tonal range of this color is exquisite and amazing, to begin with.

That is probably why it still remains a very popular choice for colors that help in conversion increase. The color is featured mostly in many different websites and that too in the call-to-action buttons and buying buttons as well. This is a color that stands out amongst the others and hence proves to be a worthy competitor for sure.

7. White

Are you looking for a clean and calm color palette for website design? Well, in that case, you don’t have to look any further because we have the perfect color for you. White might just be a normal and boring option to some but then the effects that it has on people are unparalleled. Hence, you will be really pleased to use the color white on your designing projects.

You might consider white to be just a background color, but there is simply no doubt when we say that it is much more than that. White signifies justice, new starts, and cleanliness. It signifies trust more than any other color.

That is why white is a color that can evoke certain emotions and feelings in people which are very different in nature but have an effect on the sales of the company in the best way. Most warm touches on the color white or the pastel color can provide a soothing and comfortable feeling for the audience.

Hence, we would encourage you to try this color out when you are creating the perfect website portfolio. Using the color white on the main web pages can actually help the people in making the right choice and hence will definitely help in the boosting.

8. Pink

Whether it is the Millenial Pink color or some other version of Pink, we are pretty sure that this is a very attractive and powerful option that people can go for. Typically this is a color that is used in brands that want to make certain appeals to women, but then most color surveys have shown an overall increase in sales after the use of the color pink.

So, in case you are wondering what color makes people want to buy products we have the color pink for you. Whatever the case is, Pink can still be considered as a color that is more urgent than others. There are stronger accents of Pink that can convey better and more comfortable emotions for the people.

This is a color that helps in the drawing of attention in a very effective and powerful manner. So, why wouldn’t you want to use the color pink on your website right? In case you want to get some better results when it comes to conversions, we would recommend that you use the brighter shades of this color. Not to mention that there are some calming pastels that can help increase sales by evoking feelings of serenity.


So, there you have it, people. These are some of the most eye-catching colors that you can use in order to design your website and it will be guaranteed help in the increase of sales. When it comes to choosing the right color schemes, making the perfect choice will lead to better results. So, make sure that you choose carefully and keep in mind the brand that you are trying to represent. The colors should match with the image of the brand so that people can make better purchase decisions by relating to the color.